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Welcome to Castle Arms / Fishermen's Furs & Feathers.  Our company specializes in equipment and supplies for salmon fishermen and fly-tiers. Since 1951, we have been providing fly tying furs and feathers for those who enjoy the art of the classic salmon fly. We carry a everything from rare and exotic feathers, furs, and skins for salmon fly-tiers, to Heritage rods and reels, fly-tying threads, silks, hooks, and equipment, and books on fly-tying.

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We are always buying frozen birds, feathers, bamboo rods, collectible books, and fly tying tools. We started in 1951 and just keep right on going. We don't spend big money on ads so we can pass on the savings to our customers. We raise a great many of our own birds and are always buying rare birds from museums and zoos around the world. Standard items include Junglecock capes, kingfisher, Jay, Swan, Bustard, Peacock, Pheasant, Indian crow, Chatterer, Rollers, Argus, and many other feathers. Some of the furs available include Arctic blue, red and grey fox, otter, muskrat, and Icelandic sheep.

Our web site lists some of the items we carry and gives some insight as to their availability. Remember, many of these feathers and skins are very rare and are not always available. Only the many birds we raise ourselves or have others raise for us are available on a steady basis. Many of our birds come from museums and zoos and are only available on a sporadic basis.

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