Salmon Fly Tying Supplies by Castle Arms

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We supply materials to some of the world's finest tyers to be found anywhere! So, if we don't carry what you need for you fly tying projects, we can suggest someone who does.

With over 45 years in the business, we have enjoyed the privilege of supplying materials to some of the best fly tyers in the industry.

New England - home of great fly tyers such as Paul Seymour, Ron Alcott, Bill Chandler, Charlie Chute, Mark Favorite, Paul Rossman, Bob Veverka, Bill Catherwood, Mark Waslick, Bill Wilbur, and Bob Warren, Roger Plourde.., and an unmentionable personality.

...To the West Coast where you can find such fine tyers as Derl Stovall, Jon Harrang, Duane Dotts, and the Northwest Fly Tying Guild and Ron Lucas,Sr,

tyers-f-brand.jpg (10419 bytes)Saluting the East Coast, whose luminaries such as Fred Brand (NY), Roger Mims (NY), Ted Kanter (PA), Ted Patlen (NJ), Bill Hrinko (NJ), Joe "Honey" Soma (NJ), have always been well known for classic salmon flies.

But other sections of the country, as well as many foreign countries, have fine classic tyers. John Wildermuth (GA), Stack Scoville (TN) are just two of the fine classic tyers south of the Mason-Dixon line. Dan Bloodgood (IN), Chuck Moxley (OH), Del Ray (KS), are some of the finest tyers in the midwest.

The Rocky Mountain states with Jim Goggans (CO), Brad Befus (CO), David Mangum (CO), Gary Barnard (fly carver), David Burns (ID), Gary Grant (ID), Don Orders (WY) are quickly gaining a world respected reputation for fine classic flies. Many of the`se tyers have never seen an Atlantic Salmon, much less fished for them...but they enjoy the "art of the salmon fly". Steenrod and Clovis fishing flies.  "You've tied the rest, now tie with the best...Classic Salmon Fly Tying with Castle Arms".

If we can help, give us a call/email and we might be able to give you some hints/suggestions we have learned from the best in the fly tying world.