Classic Salmon Fly Tying Equipment

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From "A" (Argus) to "z" (Zebra Goose), we try to carry the most extensive array of materials and equipment for the salmon fly tier available from one source: Heritage blind eye hooks, silk gut, twisters, books, Heritage fly rods and reels, etc. We have more than 150 dealers worldwide and, if unavailable in your neighborhood, you may contact us directly about information, answers to your questions, fishing conditions, and fly selections for rivers in many locations, shops, guides, classic salmon tiers in your state, show schedules, and trivia about the goings on in the fly tying world are usually available. We supply materials to some of the world's finest tiers and if we don't have it, we can suggest someone who does.

Regal and Classic Vises:
Regal and Classic vises cover the needs for tiers, from amateurs to professionals.






Gut twisters:
Our hand-held brass stainless steel gut twister makes the job easy. For all tiers using blind eye hooks.
Silk Gut:
Always available.
Dyed Yak
Dyed Yak for fly tying
Japanese silk:
In 72 colors. World's finest for classic salmon flies.

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